Neck and Neck

Time to look at yesterday’s numbers.

76 messages sent

Every day that number goes up, but time is running out to meet or beat last year’s one day record of 116. Out of those messages, exactly half came from Canada and half from the US. Despite a slew of messages out of Phoenix, Canada’s continued to gain ground and they now hold a slim lead over the US for the total number of messages sent.

Web site visitors on Wednesday

  • US: 107
  • Canada: 89

Despite not sending as many messages (percentage-wise) as the Canadians, the US maintains a lead for total visitors.

Web site visitors for the past month (June 14 to July 14)

  • US: 463
  • Canada: 337

The top five cities remain unchanged, but I thought I’d fill out the other five for a top ten. I have to admit that this listing is a little unfair, depending on how your area divides itself up. For example, visitors from the Toronto area are split among Clinton, Agincourt, Toronto, and Goderich, whereas Phoenix is nice and consolidated. If the Toronto-area suburbs were consolidated they would easily pass Phoenix for first place (sorry AZ folks).

  1. Phoenix, Arizona, USA
  2. Red Deer, Alberta, CA
  3. Clinton, Ontario, CA
  4. Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA
  5. Agincourt, Ontario, CA
  6. Toronto, Ontario, CA
  7. Goderich, Ontario, CA
  8. Vancouver, British Columbia, CA
  9. New York City, New York, USA
  10. Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

The Mailroom Is Closed

The mailroom is now closed. Our last batch of messages was delivered later than normal today for other reasons, but a nice side effect was more time for last minute messages, but as some groups will be leaving very early tomorrow, there won’t be any more deliveries.

All in all, we had over three hundred and fifty messages sent during the week. The kids were genuinely surprised at how many e-mails they would find each day as well as who was sending them e-mails. I regularly heard comments like “Someone from my church e-mailed me; it isn’t just my mom!” or “I didn’t think my grandparent even knew about the web site!”

Thanks for your words of encouragement, tidbits of wisdom, and news from the homefront.