Meet Kyle

He tweets, he posts to Facebook, he is mayor of Calvin Church (according to foursquare)… it’s Kyle Adams.

Kyle is SERVE’s resident geek. He handles all the technology, from putting the photos online to the live video streaming from our robotic webcam.

Kyle loves playing with the latest whizbang gadgetry and can be found behind his Mac laptop during the wee hours of the morning discovering new technology tools & ways to use them. His goal during SERVE is to use his knowledge & those tools to create a way for SERVE participants to communicate with friends and family back home. We want to involve them as much as possible so that they can understand what their loved ones are experiencing. Kyle hopes that this understanding not only keeps them closer during the week but will also help start conversations about the SERVE experience once everyone heads back home.

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Meet Erika

If I was an animal, I'd be a...I think this photo explains more about Erika’s personality than I ever could. What kind of job do you put someone like this on? The Barnabus Team, that’s what! Erika heads up the team responsible for “bringing treats out to the worksites in the afternoons along with some encouragement to help [the kids] work hard through the end of the day.” She’s excited to be part of SERVE because she loves “seeing people living in community and showing the world that being a Christian is a blast!”

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Meet Dee

This is Dee Scott’s first year as a worksite co-coordinator; along with Paul Wilson she helps track down folks in Muskegon who need help and then matches them with the SERVE groups. Dee’s favorite part of SERVE is “seeing the way the kids pull together by the end of the week as a unit.”

Dee has an adventurous side, as she’d like to follow in Junior’s… er… Indiana Jones’ footsteps, starring in Raiders of the Lost Ark. While the movie starts out with Jones making his way past booby traps in a Peruvian temple, Dee is more likely to be found a little further north, in Nicaragua. She’s busy learning Spanish as part of the mission work in which she and her husband Ric are involved.

Dee felt God’s presence recently while listening to a loved one pour out their heart: “although my stomach was in knots, I knew God was there giving me the right words to say.”

Day Away

Today was the day away, in more ways then we’d intended.

Alas, my entire family caught a cold, which I’ve discovered as the father of two kids under three is significantly different from just me catching a cold. One result is that I’ve had much less time to devote to Serve today, which is kinda a bum deal since it is also the “fun day” for everyone.

We’ll still have a slideshow, photos will be posted, etc. but I apologize for the general lack of updates today.

The Mailroom Is Closed

The mailroom is now closed. Our last batch of messages was delivered later than normal today for other reasons, but a nice side effect was more time for last minute messages, but as some groups will be leaving very early tomorrow, there won’t be any more deliveries.

All in all, we had over three hundred and fifty messages sent during the week. The kids were genuinely surprised at how many e-mails they would find each day as well as who was sending them e-mails. I regularly heard comments like “Someone from my church e-mailed me; it isn’t just my mom!” or “I didn’t think my grandparent even knew about the web site!”

Thanks for your words of encouragement, tidbits of wisdom, and news from the homefront.

Upcoming Attractions

Wow, I can’t believe we’re entering the last days of Serve. Today (Thursday) is the last work day.

The participants are in for a treat tonight at dinner, as we pull out all the stops: candlelight, linens, wait staff… fine dining to congratulate them on a week of hard work.

Then Friday is the day off, a chance to relax and have a little fun. Let’s hope the good weather we’ve had (most of) this week sticks around. Right now the forecasts are predicting slightly cooler (temps in upper 60s F/teens C) with a 10-30% chance of rain.