Technical Difficulties

Our apologies: we’ve had issues with our internet connection over the past several days. As a result, we were unable to stream video from Sunday’s services.

The good news?

Things seem to be working again so we hope to have video of tonight’s mail call (when the groups come back to the church and get their messages for the day) as well as the service.

2012 Muskegon SERVE Resources

We posted quite a bit, between photos and videos, to the website over the past week. Here’s a list of links to all of our resources:

  1. 2012 Muskegon SERVE Facebook group – join if you haven’t already, especially for those SERVE participants who are on their way home now. Share your photos and videos with everyone else.
  2. 2012 Muskegon SERVE photos – our official photographers shot around 800 photos during the week and you’ll find them all here.
  3. Calvin CRC YouTube Channel – scavenger hunt, slideshows, and other misc. videos are posted here.
  4. Calvin CRC Livestream Channel – events broadcast live, including the nightly worship sessions, are here.

Additionally, each group was given a USB flash drive with the full versions of all photos (over 5GBs). I’ll also be posting links to ZIP files with the photos and videos once they’re uploaded (just in case that tiny little flash drive gets lost).