Welcome Servers!

Groups will begin arriving later this afternoon. Volunteers have spent the last few days preparing the church for their arrival. We can’t wait!

For friends and family visiting the site, here are some highlights:

  • On the left side of the web site, we have a form where you can send messages to your loved ones. Please, please, please do this early and often! We print off all the messages and put them in mailboxes for everyone to pick up when they come back from a hard day of work. Coming back to messages of love and encouragement in your mailbox is so much better than an empty mailbox, so make sure nobody feels unloved!
  • Join our Facebook group, 2014 Muskegon Serve.
  • If you scroll to the bottom of the site, you’ll see photos posted by our various Serve photographers to our Flickr account. I’ll be highlighting some of the best photos on the site during the week, but if you want to see them all, this is the place to watch.
  • We’ll be live streaming the evening worship services, so tune in each night. I’ll be posting times as soon as I found out what the schedule is 🙂