Just A Little Yardwork

Some of our work groups began landscaping projects on Monday at area parks (both city and state) and our local Christian schools. Muskegon is heavily dependent on manufacturing; as those jobs increasingly leave the area, the changes have also threatened another area staple: the natural beauty of the lakeshore. Without volunteers such as Project Serve, many of the area parks would have been unable to operate.

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Mail Call

In the past two days, we’ve already had 51 messages sent to our serve participants via the contact form. That’s awesome!

I thought some of you might be interested in knowing how your message gets from the web site to the recipient. When you fill out the form, it sends an e-mail with the message to myself (the Muskegon Serve webmaster and tech guy) and our prayer coordinator. One of us prints up the e-mails each morning, usually around 10 or 11 AM EST, so if you have a message that you want to arrive on a particular day get it in before then 🙂

All Serve participants were assigned an mailbox; these are usually mailboxes for families A-L at our church, but they’re taken over for a week during Serve. Once the messages are printed off, they delivered to the appropriate mailbox, usually along with a small gift from the participant’s prayer partner (everybody has one).

It’s great fun seeing how excited everybody (kids and adults alike) gets over checking their mailbox, so I’ll try to get some video of that tomorrow. Until then, keep sending those messages!