Building Ramps, Changing Lives

Just received this e-mail from Ron Hayward, the supervisor at one of the work sites:

Brief introduction: my name is Ron Hayward, 73, and I have been a volunteer for LOVE, INC for about 8 years designing, making the drawings, BOM [Ed: Bill of Materials], etc. for handicap ramps. On occasion, I even help build them and have supervised 4 or 5 ramp jobs with Project Serve teams in the past.

This week I had the privilege of supervising a GREAT group of young people from Project Serve to build one.

Things didn’t start real good – early Monday morning there had been a thunderstorm that knocked out power in several locations around town – one of them being where we had to build the ramp.

Even though it was still raining lightly my helper & I got the crew started inventorying & re-piling the lumber & digging the necessary post holes (I have an allergy to anything that has a long, wooden handle – LOL),  while I went home for my generator. Progress went very well the rest of the day.

Tuesday went better – power was restored and we made excellent progress the rest of the day. (Except for the time the inspector was there – even that turned out better than it might have.) There was even some time that a couple of the team helped inside the home – washed some windows, etc. Linda, the group leader even made a run to the lumber yard to get some additional material. (I had made an error on the BOM.) The ramp was completed, the yard cleaned up, raked and looked as good as we could make it at day’s end.

This group of young people was one of the best I have ever worked with, honestly. Every one was willing to do whatever was ask – digging, carrying boards, measuring, driving screws, etc. Each of them did some of all the various tasks.

I hope all of them enjoyed the experience and learned something from it.

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