Our Prayer Coordinator

Meet MaryAnn Mellema, our prayer coordinator. MaryAnn is responsible for making sure all SERVE participants are matched with prayer partners for the week. Aside from prayer, these partners, who are from Calvin and other community churches, are responsible for providing their participants with a daily gift and note of encouragement.

Each participant has their own mailbox. While they’re out at the work sites, MaryAnn and her crew of prayer elves (I like to think of her as a kind of Prayer Santa) fill everyone’s mailboxes with the gifts and notes from their prayer partners, as well as any messages received via the web site. The kids head to the showers, tired and hot after a day of hard work. After cleaning up they arrive back at the church just in time to pick up their gifts for the day.

We’ll be broadcasting mail call during the week; it’s always fun to see their reactions as they see what goodies are waiting for them each day.

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