Just The Facts Ma’am

Here are the numbers from Tuesday:

51 messages sent

That’s quite a jump, from 10 messages to 51! Nice work, but we still have a ways to go to beat last year’s record of 116 – just head over to the contact form and send some messages to your friends and loved ones. With that said, I can tell you that Wednesday is already off to a smokin’ start. I just hope we don’t overload the printer (just kidding)!

Web site visitors on Tuesday

  • US: 95
  • Canada: 82

Web site visitors for the past month (June 13 to July 13)

  • US: 357
  • Canada: 248

US maintains its overall lead with a strong showing. I thought it might also be interesting to break down the visitors by town/city; here are the top 5 (excluding Muskegon) for the past month:

  1. Phoenix, Arizona, USA
  2. Red Deer, Alberta, CA
  3. Clinton, Ontario, CA
  4. Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA
  5. Agincourt, Ontario, CA

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