Meet Kyle

He tweets, he posts to Facebook, he is mayor of Calvin Church (according to foursquare)… it’s Kyle Adams.

Kyle is SERVE’s resident geek. He handles all the technology, from putting the photos online to the live video streaming from our robotic webcam.

Kyle loves playing with the latest whizbang gadgetry and can be found behind his Mac laptop during the wee hours of the morning discovering new technology tools & ways to use them. His goal during SERVE is to use his knowledge & those tools to create a way for SERVE participants to communicate with friends and family back home. We want to involve them as much as possible so that they can understand what their loved ones are experiencing. Kyle hopes that this understanding not only keeps them closer during the week but will also help start conversations about the SERVE experience once everyone heads back home.

Kyle is not all nerd, however. He has a great sense of humor, a desire for adventure and has a very creative imagination. Even though he imagines himself in Bruce Willis’ role as John McClane in Die Hard, he has to admit that he is more like Matt Farrell, Justin Long’s geeky character in Live Free or Die Hard. Kyle is completely comfortable in his geeky skin. “Not only did he (Matt Farrell) get to go on an awesome adventure with McClane, but he also got to hook up with McClane’s daughter at the end,” says Kyle.

Kyle’s fear (the imagination at work again) is that he may lose his super geek skills. As he posted on his Facebook recently, “I’ve just realized that my computing skillz are Benjamin Button’ing. My peak was in my teens and I’m now in decline. My mother-in-law, wife, sister-in-law and college friends all figured out how to post to Facebook from Hipstamatic before I did. *sigh*” Maybe he is just sleep deprived from staying up until wee hours of the morning. After all, he has two energetic toddlers who are morning creatures like his wife, Kelly.

Kyle’s favorite part of SERVE: “I love it when you see SERVE really click for a kid. Maybe it was a work site experience or one of the nightly worship services, but there’s usually some point in the week where they open themselves up to God and begin to become vessels for His love.”

Kyle had an experience of his own the summer of his freshman year in college that really touched him and showed him that God was at work and in control. He was a youth group leader on a week-long mission trip building a house in Juarez. The group completely lost their shelter while away working for the day due to a powerful storm. “When we pulled into the compound we realized that our tents were gone. More accurately, they were flattened and torn and everything inside the tents was soaked. We found bits and pieces blown all around, including a cast iron frying pan that was more than 50 feet away from were we’d left it. All in all, we had no shelter, our sleeping bags and clothes were all soaking wet, night was fast approaching, and we were in a foreign country.”

Kyle thought of a knick-knack of his mother’s that reminded him, “not the absence of pain but the presence of God.” A joy came over him and the others and they pulled together and found ways to turn the disheartening situation around with God’s help. As Kyle puts it, “For me, it was probably the closest I’ll get to understanding Paul and Silas as they sang songs and prayed in the prison.”

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