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If I was an animal, I'd be a...I think this photo explains more about Erika’s personality than I ever could. What kind of job do you put someone like this on? The Barnabus Team, that’s what! Erika heads up the team responsible for “bringing treats out to the worksites in the afternoons along with some encouragement to help [the kids] work hard through the end of the day.” She’s excited to be part of SERVE because she loves “seeing people living in community and showing the world that being a Christian is a blast!”

One of Erika’s claims to fame is a remarkable resemblance to Matilda, from the movie Matilda. Alas, it’s a bit hard to see that resemblance when she has a tiger mask on…

It doesn’t hurt that Erika is also a fan of the movie because “she was a good example of making something good for herself even if she didn’t come from a great place.” Erika has a passion for working with kids and a growing interest in child psychology. Just don’t ask her to remember when Napoleon fought the battle of Waterloo: “I could never remember dates!”

One of Erika’s summer jobs was working as a camp counselor for 1st-3rd graders. As happens so often, she caught a glimpse of God at work with the kids:

During one week our Bible study time was going really rough every day and on the last day we were talking about something (not even sure what now) and one of my crazy campers asked “do you mean…” and totally understood the point behind the story. It was so encouraging and really showed God at work even in the youngest kids!

To wrap things up I’ll leave you with another photo that speaks to Erika’s personality:

Would you trust this woman with your children?

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