Meet Dee

This is Dee Scott’s first year as a worksite co-coordinator; along with Paul Wilson she helps track down folks in Muskegon who need help and then matches them with the SERVE groups. Dee’s favorite part of SERVE is “seeing the way the kids pull together by the end of the week as a unit.”

Dee has an adventurous side, as she’d like to follow in Junior’s… er… Indiana Jones’ footsteps, starring in Raiders of the Lost Ark. While the movie starts out with Jones making his way past booby traps in a Peruvian temple, Dee is more likely to be found a little further north, in Nicaragua. She’s busy learning Spanish as part of the mission work in which she and her husband Ric are involved.

Dee felt God’s presence recently while listening to a loved one pour out their heart: “although my stomach was in knots, I knew God was there giving me the right words to say.”

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