Meet Pastor John

Pastor John’s SERVE roles are a bit vague: head honcho… overseer… in charge of stuff… and Brian. He kept showing up at the coordinator meetings so we felt obligated to give him some kind of title 🙂

In all seriousness, the closer we get to the week of SERVE the more excited John gets. During last week’s service he told the congregation how much he looked forward to seeing the church so full of young people. When asked about his favorite parts, he answers without hesitation: “kids and meals.” When he isn’t pesteringVern in the kitchen, he’ll be busy throughout the rest of the church, making sure everything is running smoothly. In his words, God “tells me he has great things in store for Calvin Church. Think I’ll hang around to enjoy this.”

John and his wife Ellen arrived at Calvin via Arizona and all that sunshine is still in their blood: John’s usual Sunday sweater doesn’t come off until the temperature is at least a brisk 80 degrees. When not at the church John and Ellen are likely in their garden, walking their big teddy bear of a dog, or doting on their grandkids.

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One thought to “Meet Pastor John”

  1. Are you talking about the John Rop that is our pastor?
    (just kidding and now ducking).
    Great bio, Kyle!

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