Meet Ellen, Kayla, and Shannon

Shannon and Kayla

These women all refer to themselves as part of a three-headed monster called community life. Ellen is the paper work and organizational head of that monster: you can thank her for any letters you may have received, your name tags, bags, bottles, and supplies. Kayla and Shannon plan and run various fun activities throughout the week. All three women are united in their passion for SERVE; Shannon summed it up saying, “my favorite part of SERVE is meeting all these new people and watching them enjoy helping others throughout the week.” Ellen agreed, saying that she enjoys “meeting people, praying for special needs”.

Shannon is a elementary school teacher with a passion for English. With that said, one of her most memorable God Sightings also involved Spanish:

On a mission trip to Mexico in high school, I was very touched on our last day there. We had a ceremony in which we sang a song in Spanish, and they sang a song in English. Almost everyone there was in tears by the end, and you could tell God helped us connect with one another throughout that week to make that time so special. This is one moment I will never forget.

Even though she’s a teacher, she’s not all books and learning – her favorite movie is Clueless, “because I would have an excuse to act like a complete airhead for a day.” Sounds good Shannon, as long as you don’t start driving like Cher.

Kayla is a currently a college student; her favorite subjects are math and science. Good thing too, since learning to be a world-famous geologist would be much harder if your favorite subject was underwater basket weaving. Much like Vern, Kayla has a soft spot for 80s movies; don’t look for her in aviator shades though, as she’s more of a Sixteen Candles girl. Growing up in this area, Kayla loves heading to the beach. The natural beauty and amazing colors constantly remind her of God’s majesty.

Ellen's mug shot

Ellen was more of a recess and art class person back in her school days. She has a whole lifetime of God Sightings that just start bubbling out when you ask: “when my kids were born, when my granddaughter was born! When my husband graduated from seminary. So many more than I can count!” Ellen’s fingers are crossed, as one of her other favorite things about SERVE is “seeing that things run smoothly and that everyone is OK and getting along.”

That’s our very own three-headed monster, up close and personal.

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