Meet Brian

Brian is Calvin CRC’s youth pastor; he’s also the cat herder for SERVE. His job is to organize or delegate all the different details that make up a SERVE week: food, transportation, lodging, work sites, fun and games… it’s a lot of work but worth it. Brian’s favorite part is “how many different people, young and old… get involved and have such a spiritual awakening that impacts our church, the kids who come, as well as the community.” The Friday night worship for 2009’s SERVE was a God Sighting for Brian, as the service lasted for over four hours and “everyone wanted more!”

Brian and his wife Courtney have two daughters, with a third child on the way. Brian just finished his Master’s degree, which is pretty impressive for a guy who says his best subject in school was gym. Maybe that’s why he’s a youth pastor: there’s always a dodgeball game around the corner. When he’s not in the gym or at home, there’s a good chance he’s on the golf course, pretending to be Happy Gilmore.

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